2020 Stormwater Master Plan

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The City of Salem is updating its Stormwater Master Plan to guide how the Salem community should address the many challenges associated with urban stormwater runoff. The draft plan:

  • Contains goals, objectives, and policies to guide decisions regarding stormwater programs and projects
  • Provides direction on how to invest to best meet current and future demands on the stormwater system
  • Recommends projects to reduce flooding risk and other adverse impacts related to stormwater
  • Reflects regulatory changes and advances in stormwater management practices
  • Includes detailed basin plans, which will facilitate updates to the overall master plan as basin plans are revised and updated

The Stormwater Master plan was completed with the support and counsel from the members of Salem’s Stormwater Advisory Committee. Members represented a range of personal and professional perspectives, including engineering, architecture, construction, development, real estate, environmental advocacy, and more.

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Phased Approach to Stormwater Master Plan

The Stormwater Master Plan takes a phased approach to master planning, unlike the single effort that was done in 2000. The first update of the Stormwater Master contains the results of three new basin plans:

The plan will be presented to City Council for consideration in September 2020. Following adoption, the Stormwater Master Plan will then be updated as new basin plans are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are local agencies doing to manage flooding?

What can you do to be prepared for flooding?

Common questions about flooding:

Stormwater Master Plan

The City’s Stormwater Master Plan contains goals, objectives, and policies that guide how Salem can address challenges with stormwater runoff. Computer modeling has helped identify problem areas and provide recommendations in the plan to reduce flooding risks and other impacts.

This plan provides direction on how to invest in stormwater programs and infrastructure to best meet current and future demands on the stormwater system.

Stormwater Basin Plan

This Stormwater Master Plan includes nine detailed basin plans. Draft basin plans for Battle Creek, Mill Creek, and Pringle Creek have been completed. Each basin plan describes the basin, summarizes modeling methodologies, and identifies facilities needed to accommodate current conditions and future growth. The order of progression for completing plans for the remaining six basins has not been determined.


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