Terrebonne Wastewater Feasibility Study Community Conversation

August-September, 2020

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Terrebonne Wastewater
Feasibility Study

What’s the best solution to meet Terrebonne’s wastewater needs? Deschutes County is sponsoring an engineering/financial study and Community Conversation to find out.

The Feasibility Study was initiated after Terrebonne residents petitioned Deschutes County for an updated community wastewater study. The County agreed to fund the study, but doesn’t plan to build or operate a sewer system in Terrebonne.

Goals for the Feasibility Study:

  • Engage the community; discern local preferences.
  • Seek practical and affordable wastewater solutions for Terrebonne.
  • Provide a framework for future project success and identify next steps.

Project Schedule

  • May 2020: Project Kickoff
  • May-June: Background Research
  • July: Problem Statement
  • August: Property Owner Notice
  • August-September: Virtual Open House and Community Survey
  • October: Alternatives Analysis
  • November-December: Project Funding/Governance
  • December: Virtual Open House: Compare Solutions and Community Survey
  • March 2021: Draft Preliminary Engineering Report
  • April: Open House (or Virtual) and Community Survey
  • May-June: Final Report

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Terrebonne Wastewater Feasibility Study Area

Seven Things
You Should Know

  • 1 Terrebonne has no sewers. All of the wastewater is disposed on-site through private septic systems.
  • 2 The region’s geology is not well suited for septic drainfields. Most of Terrebonne is characterized by shallow soils over bedrock.
  • 3 The septic repair rate is high – twice the countywide average, according to the Deschutes County Sanitarian.
  • 4 In some parts of town, raw sewage has risen to the surface posing a health risk to people and pets.
  • 5 Septic system repair and replacement is costly – typically $4,000 to $25,000 for residences and $20,000 to $150,000 for businesses (but sometimes as high as $500,000).
  • 6 A community sewer system is an option. Otherwise, some Terrebonne lots are unbuildable and septic system failures can lead to business shutdowns.
  • 7 Decisions about the community’s future wastewater system are local – in the hands of Terrebonne property owners, residents and businesses. A sewer system would take several years to build, and only after receiving local community support.

Signs of failing septic system in Terrebonne
(Photo: Deschutes Co Sanitarian)

Effluent from septic drainfield seeping into the street
(Photo: Deschutes Co Sanitarian)

Is Your Septic System Working?



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